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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Friday, January 21, 2022


  This one starts off as an end-of-the-world disaster flick then a bunch of killer bats show up turning it into an killer animals gone wild movie and then they throw a big twist right in the middle which I won't spoil. While there's probably not much rewatchability to this I did enjoy it on my initial viewing. One thing that has to piss off most viewers is that star Jackie Cooper(yes the same guy who was little Jackie on THE LITTLE RASCALS) plays a really reprehensible character who gets away with some horrible acts, including rape at one point, and never really gets much of any comeuppance. This is a pretty good reflection on reality though so I'll give it points for that.  

   Filmed in Mexico(where apparently bat-lives are cheap), so here's the Mexican poster!:

Double feature horror show with British flick THE FREAKMAKER under it's alternate title:

Saturday, January 15, 2022

THE H-MAN (1958)

  I've heard this referred to as the Japanese version of THE BLOB and while the H-Man(actually H-Men since there are more than one) does turn into a very Blob-like creature at points it's not really the most accurate description. It's also got a big gangster movie vibe going on with police searching for a missing criminal that takes up a lot of the runtime.  Still it's a pretty interesting and unique 50s monster flick from the director of the original GODZILLA.

Friday, January 14, 2022


 I dig that 1980s monster movie Q:THE WINGED SERPENT so I always wanted to check out this way older flick based on the same Aztec god-monster. In comparison this was a pretty big disappointment and even in comparison to other 40s monster flicks this one is no great shakes. For one thing the titular creature here is not very big. A monster that's just a bird that's a bit larger than your average turkey isn't exactly a terrifying sight to behold. The plot is just a retelling of the one in THE DEVIL BAT which was made by the same studio(PRC) just a few years earlier but Bela Lugosi is a lot more entertaining than George Zucco any day. I now know why this is such an obscure title.

               The all-night PRC thrill show along with the original version of THE SWAMP THING!:

Sunday, January 2, 2022

T-BIRD GANG (1959)

  Well at least this is a short film. Promoted as a juvenile delinquent movie this is pretty much a straight up gangster flick about a guy going undercover into a criminal gang(who happen to ride around in a white T-bird) to find out who killed his dad(a security guard) during one of their earlier robberies.  I viewed this after watching HIGH SCHOOL BIG SHOT(both produced by Roger Corman around the same time and I would guess they probably played together at drive-ins) and found it a bit inferior and a letdown from film.   

Friday, December 31, 2021


  This one was obviously influential on 68's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with it's hordes of undead roaming around after our sole survivor Vincent Price who's boarded-up inside his home during the night. Here, instead of flesh-eating zombies though, they are neck-biting vampires caused by a global airborne plague. This one gets extra credit for being the first version of the story that would go on to be filmed a few times as THE OMEGA MAN in '71, a big-budget CGI Hollywood piece of crap with Will Smith called I AM LEGEND(which was also the name of the original story) followed quickly by a shitty shot-on-video thing called I AM OMEGA(both in 2007). I would usually say stick with the original but the 70s version is the one I've honestly gone back to more often for a fun apocalyptic watch even if this one is in that semi-classic category..

 There is a slightly longer ending if you're not watching the AIP TV-cut which seems to be the most common out there on all the cheap-o public domain DVD sets. 

                                          Complete cut with baby ending!:

Monday, December 27, 2021


  So just about everything bad that happens to everyone in this movie can be blamed on 1 female character(Virginia Aldridge, who was in mostly T.V. stuff) and her terrible manipulative charms. It's a pretty simple plot about a nerd who gets taken advantage of and goes down the wrong path and since it's the 50s we have to learn that crime doesn't pay before it's all over. Besides the anti-crime message it has a pretty downer ending for the 50s. So for that I give it props and recommend this one for some gangsters vs. juvenile delinquent thrills.

 I own this in a DVD set of Roger Corman flicks. Corman was the executive producer who financed the production.

 Originally released on a double bill with T-BIRD GANG(another Corman deal).

The story here is apparently an adaption of Stanley Kubrick's THE KILLING which came out 3 years earlier and I really need to watch one of these days.      

Sunday, December 26, 2021


  This is the other film directed by the guy who made AXE(Frederick R. Friedel) in the 70s(he would resume directing in the 2000s with 2 films, including one called BLOOD BROTHERS which is an attempt to combine his two 70s films into one cohesive narrative(I'm not sure how successful that is but I have my doubts)). This one starts out really good with a great gritty feel and some nasty shootings involving a crotch and an asshole before kind of meandering to a weird conclusion. It kind of seemed to me like a 70s version of BUFFALO '66 in some ways but with a tougher lead actor. While I wouldn't put this quite up there with AXE, which is one of my all-time favs, in terms of bizarreness it does have a certain artsy flair to it mixed with a sleazy grindhouse sensibility that I think fans of this decade's cinema would appreciate. AKA DATE WITH A KIDNAPPER and KIDNAPPED COED

Saturday, December 25, 2021


 There are so many different versions of this story put onto film that it's hard to say which one is my favorite. This one has 2 things going for it, one is that it's narrated by Vincent Price and hearing his voice is always awesome, second is that it's only 24 minutes long but still manages to hit all the plot points. It does seem that ol' Scrooge is transformed from a miserly prick into a Christmas-loving maniac really fast but it gets the message across either way. Check it out if you aren't a Christmas-hating commie.


Tuesday, December 21, 2021


  I gotta think this thing was completed a few years before it got  released since they use the year 1972 in the film. What you get is a long drawn-out police-procedural/courtroom drama dealing with convicting the killers of a cheating couple who get snuffed while making out in the park. Directed by J.G. "Pat" Patterson, who started his acting career as The Mad Daddy horror host in North Carolina and whose only other directorial effort is the earlier, also crappy but at least gory, THE BODY SHOP, this one lacks the goriness and doesn't have much of anything very suspenseful to replace it with. There's one cool bit where a defendant goes apeshit and starts shooting up the courtroom but that's hardly worth the time wasted to get to it. 

                                At the Cinema III! I woulda definitely gone with JAWS here:

Paired up with a German LSD flick!: 

Monday, December 20, 2021


  If you enjoy watching the very odd-looking Clint Howard act like a weird, messed-up, psychopathic ice-cream man then this is for you. If you can't deal with a horror film in which you don't care about anyone else in the whole movie then maybe not. Overall this is very boring and the gore quotient, outside of some body parts, including eyeballs, in some ice cream, is pretty low. This was the 90s though so it's not very surprising that this sucks ass. At one point you do get to see 2 cops knocked out by ice cream scoops and there are severed heads on giant cones, so that's something. I'd say skip it unless you have a Clint Howard (or Converse All-Star) fetish.

A sequel was talked about in 2014 but hasn't happened yet:

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


  This is a pretty standard 50s western but there are a couple of reasons I watched it. Firstly it was directed by Roger Corman who would go on to be the most influential person in exploitation and also arguably mainstream cinema for many many years. Secondly it was on MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, so I got a couple of chuckles to alleviate whatever boredom crept in while viewing. The plot deals with the wife(Beverly Garland) of a murdered sheriff who takes on her dead hubby's job. This story element does seem fairly progressive for the 50s but they do make sure and throw in a love interest(John Ireland) so things don't get too feministy for audiences. Allison Hayes(best known as that giant gal in ATTACK OF THE  50 FOOT WOMAN) plays Garland's arch-nemesis and this gives us a classic catfight between the 2 beauties. Not the best Corman-directed flick for me since I'm more of a fan of his stupid monster movies.


                                    Known in Italy as THE MERCENARY OF DEATH:

Friday, November 26, 2021


 This one is barely a horror flick and plays out more like a drama about a singer(Peter Carpenter) who ends up in a love triangle with a music publisher and his wife(Dyanne Thorne, best known to sickkie-cinema fans as ILSA, SHE-WOLF OF THE S.S.) and then later on the wife and her daughter! There are a few murders involved but the main horror element comes into play at the very end when maybe everything was just a bad nightmare, which is the worst way I can imagine to end your film. The only thing that really kept me interested enough to watch this is seeing Ilsa in a non-Nazi role. I shoulda just stuck to that dumb PINNOCCHIO movie that she did. I don't recall a bunch of bad singing in that one.
 To be completely fair I should mention that I watched this on an old VHS tape which I believe contained the TV edit so maybe there's a better more horrific version available. 


                                             Very misleading trailer!:


                              2  double features of movies that don't live up to their titles!:

Saturday, November 20, 2021


  Jess Franco had directed 2 Fu-Manchu films and then followed it up with this more obscure character from the novels of Sax Rohmer. Sumuru(dubbed into English as Sunanda for some weird reason), the evil female supervillain is basically just a non-Asian feminist version of Fu-Manchu complete with her own all-woman city of soldiers to do her bidding. This film follows 1967's THE MILLION EYES OF SUMURU(also produced by Harry Alan Towers and starring Bond girl Shirley Eaton in the title role)) and like that movie it's a mix of 60s spy flick with futuristic sci-fi trappings. The gals all wear go-go outfits and everything is super-stylized. Franco's Rohmer adaptions are not my favs from his filmography, I guess I enjoy when he uses this influences to go off on his own crazy tangents more, but they are still visually pretty amazing.   

 This played on TV under the name of FUTURE WOMEN with the nudity removed and ectra scenes of touristy crap to pad out the runtime. 

                           Known in Germany as THE SEVEN MEN OF SUMURU:

Titled THE CITY WITHOUT MEN in Spanish: