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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Also known as MEN BEHIND THE SUN 4 this is an amazingly nihilistic gross-out of a movie. You get fetuses ripped out of pregnant bellies, a baby boiled alive, decapitations, bloody raping and other exploitative scenes mixed in with actual footage of naughty World War II Japanese soldiers to create a really powerful message about the cruelties man subjects his fellow man to in the name of power or glory or whatever other excuse nations want to use to justify barbaric behavior. I thought this was better done than the 1st MAN BEHIND THE SUN movie which was fairly similar and directed by the same fellow. The main difference is this one doesn't cover any of the medical experimentation stuff just soldier on civilian brutality. PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE is supposed to be the epitome of the Japanese WWII war atrocity films but that thing is over 4 hours long!! I've personally only managed to sit through about 1 quarter of it because it moves so damned slow and seems pretty boring. This film here cuts right to heads rolling action. So check it out for an interestingly depressing time.

Cool documentary about director T.F. Mou:

SISTERS (1973)


“Did you know that the germs can come through the wires? I never call and I never answer. It’s a good way to get sick. Very, very sick… That’s how I got so sick! SOMEONE CALLED ME ON THE TELEPHONE!” - the Lysol lady

Not in any way Brian De Palmas best work. I'm thinking CARRIE for that although most people would probably pick SCARFACE. This is still an interesting Hitchcokian rip-off kind of movie with a great bloody Dario Argento/giallo style murder scene in it. It gets bizarre enough in parts to boggle your mind and it's engaging enough to make you wanna see what the outcome is. Also feels a bit like a David Cronenberg film in parts. You could definitely do worse than to check this one out.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

STANLEY (1972)

A true example of a grind-house film made in the early seventies in the golden year of 1972. That year seems to be the pinnacle of low-down trashy cinema. A magical time that doesn't seem to ever be in danger of returning. I guess when people accept mindless uncreative trash as entertainment there's no need to write anything above a 2nd grade mentality and we get stuck with garbage cartoons like AVATAR that pass for creativity. I'm not sure what that has to do with this killer snake flick but I just figured I'd share some thoughts. Anyhow what you got here is a snake-lovin' hero who ends up not really being much of a hero by the end but the twists are all part of the bizarre ride. There's also one great nutty villain here in the stripey-pants psycho acid-head with the matching bowling shoes. I think I may have found a future Halloween costume here. A good movie for snake-lovers like the lady I watched it with or people that want to see snakes smashed about in a graphic manner cuz U get that also in a most un-p.c. way. But don't worry it's all for the sake of the plot. Yes it's sort of a snake filled version of WILLARD but check it out. I recommend it despite the horrific folk music soundtrack.


Monday, January 25, 2010

DOGGY POO (2003)

Wow, this Korean stop-motion kiddie movie, starring a cute piece of dog crap, is pretty amazing. It's kind of the Asian equivalent to DAVEY & GOLIATH but way more depressing and instead of being about a boy and his dog it's about a piece of dog shit. Existentialist, depressing, absurd and probably pretty mind-warping for a kid to watch this in any country. I think if I was 5 years old and slightly more impressionable it might make me afraid to flush my own shit down the toilet. Definitely something to experience. Can't imagine there's gonna be an American trend where all the little kids are into poopie but who knows. Perhaps 7-11 will have a grand tie-in and we can all get shit cups to put our shitty coffee in.

Friday, January 15, 2010



One of the best classic 1970's porn films. DEFIANCE is the bizarre tale of young Cathy played by young Jean Jennings(whose age at the time of shooting has been questioned by some). She's kicked out of the house by her parents, sent to a hospital to be cured of her "drug problems" where she's molested and raped by the other patients and the help. From there she ends up in a crazy-ass s & m "clinic" run by Fred J. Lincoln (who, of course, played Weasel in THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT). Lincoln here does an amazing job as the guru/teacher who breaks down Cathy's morals to rebuild her anew using spankings and other bondage type stuff. A sleazy weirdo porn from the golden age. See it and then take a shower you scumbag.