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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


 This is the last of the "Blood Island" trilogy and a sequel to MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND with John Ashley reprising his role from that film. The movie starts out with a bang as our rampaging monster from BLOOD ISLAND kicks ass aboard a boat killing the entire crew before causing the ship to explode into a million pieces. Unfortunately as is the case in most of these Filipino horror epics the middle part gets very talky(and boy is there some stupid dialogue in this!) and then it turns into more of a war movie having to do with some battling tribes which is kind of a letdown. There is some footage of a monstrous head-removal/head-transplant that gets quite graphic with the surgery scenes and it all ends pretty violently with a headless ghoul on a rampage so it's not a total waste of time. AKA BLOOD DEVILS, BEAST OF THE DEAD, HORRORS OF BLOOD ISLAND and RETURN TO THE HORRORS OF BLOOD ISLAND
 I'm gonna assume the CURSE OF THE VAMPIRES on the movie poster is the one from 1966 which was an earlier Filipino horror.

Friday, April 10, 2015


 Shaw Brothers' Hong Kong rape/revenge movie that plays out like your standard kung-fu flick where revenge is sought out, a master is found to teach fighting skills and then many asses are kicked or in this case many crotches are stabbed repeatedly. This has to be one of the most penis-wounding movies I've ever seen! At times it almost has a MS. 45 feel to it but since this was made in Asia the feminist message isn't so clear cut here. It also has a bit of a LADY SNOWBLOOD vibe at points (and I guess by extrapolation also a KILL BILL vibe). Pretty entertaining sleazy mash-up of kung-fu, rape/revenge and as a bonus there's a pretty stellar soundtrack that mostly plays in go-go bar/whorehouse scenes. If you're slimy enough this one's worth a watch.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


 This teensploitation flick has one of the greatest trailers ever so I've been wanting to see it for a while now. Of course not being a rube I knew it would never live up to the seedy promises of the trailer and it doesn't. In fact it seems that they filmed some stuff just for the trailer that isn't even in the movie but I guess I can forgive it since it was still an entertainingly silly watch. The story is about a gal who tries to trap a nice guy into marrying her by pretending to be preggo and also this other idiot named Duke who is a drug-dealer and wanna-be rapist. The money-shot here is footage of an actual childbirth which is performed with what look like large metal salad tongs and made me squirm a bit which is pretty good for something from the 60's. There's also some cool 60's go-go dancing on display so check it out or just watch the trailer for a quicker thrill.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 So this dude (Robert Sabin) moves into an apartment that has some cool goth/punk neighbors but also a scary/slimy secret. I always felt this movie would make a good double-feature with STREET TRASH since it's a similar tale of splattery grossness where people melt due to some old cursed beverages. Also it seems like a Troma film that Troma didn't make or even end up buying which seems a bit miraculous since they seem to have bought almost every other low-budget weirdo flick from this era. In this one there's some old-time cult thing involved. What their exact purpose is I'm not too sure but I am sure Satan is involved somehow. The great and gross 80's practical fx work is the highlight here since it's a fairly simple tale that feels like something you might see in a CREEPSHOW/anthology-sorta thing stretched out to feature length but it moves along speedily enough. They also rip-off/pay-homage-to that stomach-vagina thing in VIDEODROME with a toothy gaping belly wound here. Slime, gore, boobs! Right on!
 There was a sequel to this made in 2010 but since it was made in 2010 I've been in no rush to actually watch it. Maybe one day I will break down and give it a spin.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


 A whole shitload of awesome 60's & 70's gore and violence trailers are on display in this horror compilation that originally appeared back in the 80's on VHS before such things as Youtube existed which makes things like this seem very dated and obsolete now. There's also some newer segments made featuring a movie theater full of zombies watching all these clips, the titular Mad Ron who's an insane projectionist and a ventriloquist guy and his cadaver-puppet friend who make really lame jokes. I found watching this to be a cool throwback to my youth and great way to waste some time. Depending on your age and love of nostalgia you might just find it stupid and pointless but in that case you might just be a terrible person.

Saturday, April 4, 2015


 Classic BATMAN star Adam West gets top-billing here but doesn't show up until around the 45-minute mark and then just sits around for most of the rest of the movie. As far as zombie movies go this is pretty far down there around the bottom of the barrel. It really plays out more like a slasher flick where a musclehead is brought back from the dead thanks to the wonders of voodoo to get revenge on his murderers. There's only one actual zombie that shows up the whole time but he is played by Canadian heavy-metal god Thor so that's neat. Speaking of heavy-metal that is also one of the big pluses in this flick, the soundtrack. It starts right out with Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" and then you get jams by Girlschool, Pantera, Fist, Death Mask, Virgin Steele and of course Thor. There is a Mystery Science Theater 3000 version of this which is way more entertaining but it also cuts out kill scenes and blood and such so that sucks. I guess the ultimate version would be a combination of some sort. Also noteworthy is that this was Tia Carrere's first movie before becoming well-known for her WAYNE'S WORLD role.
 This same year Thor starred in the similarly-titled Canadian horror flick ROCK N ROLL NIGHTMARE which I need to check out some time.

Full-blooded version!:


 Linda Blair is supposed to be the star of this movie but really only appears in some wraparound footage at the beginning and end of the film and her voice is heard in some narration that pops up every now and then. We do get to see her shoot a very young-looking Penn Jillette right in the head so that's something. The rest of the movie is made up of footage from Italian/Spanish women-in-prison turds ESCAPE FROM HELL and HOTEL PARADISE(aka ORINOCO: PRISONER OF SEX and BLOOD FOR LIBERTY) both from 1980. Now I don't think I've ever seen these two flicks in their complete versions but these spliced-up cuts make them seem pretty lame. There are some explosions and transexual star Ajita Wilson shows up as a badass prisoner for a while but for the most part this whole thing is pretty forgettable and there are many more exciting women-in-prison adventures you should check out before this one, like CHAINED HEAT for one, actually starring Linda Blair.  

Thursday, April 2, 2015


 This is one of my favorite movies. Mostly because it's so completely batshit crazy. Basically it's an Indonesian rip-off of THE TERMINATOR but since it's Indonesian they threw in a bunch of wacky folklore about women with snakes that come out of there vaginas and bite off cocks and other odd stuff. The main character, of course, is completely badass and awesome and kicks much ass but she is slightly overshadowed by a white fellow with a mullet named snake who drives around on a tank and spouts out some silly dialogue like "fuckin' A!" and "eat it bitch" while battling our villainous lady demon. It's as if THE TERMINATOR met one of those eastern demonic possession flicks and they sprinkled in a little WAYNE'S WORLD just for the hell of it. Castrations galore, laser beams shot from eyes, lots of nudity, ample explosions and Indonesian punk rockers make for a good mix.
 Apparently the VHS release of this is cut and some scenes are repeated to pad it out so DVD is the way to go to get the complete experience. AKA NASTY HUNTER and SHOOTING STAR

Thursday, March 26, 2015


 Director Walerian Borowczyk made the amazing and bizarre film THE BEAST in 1975 and this artsy nunsploitation flick in '78, and, yeah, I know he made a bunch of other stuff also but these are the only two films of his that I've seen so far.  This one is based on a novel which seems strange since there doesn't really seem to be much of a story at all. It's more of a collection of pervy scenes involving naughty nuns. I was hoping it would be a but more insane than that but it's pretty standard stuff for this sleazy subgenre. There's a dildo carved out of wood with Jesus face on it, lots of nude yoga and the expected lesbianic romping. Besides this though it's just artsy nunsploitation. I have to say I'm more of a Bruno mattei fan when it comes to the sleaze flicks so this one didn't really dazzle me much but if you like naughty art give it a watch. AKA WITHIN A CLOISTER and SEX LIFE IN A CONVENT

Sunday, March 22, 2015


 This one's kind of similar to (but not as good as) the classic anti-marijuana flick REEFER MADNESS with depictions of how the evil weed with roots in hell (WILD WEED and THE DEVIL'S WEED are alternate titles) can turn a good gal (Lila Leeds) into a bad gal ("bad" by 1940's standards anyway). Of course it's all really silly but good for a laugh or two. Probably my favorite scene is when our main gal's goody-goody brother hangs himself in the garage because he can't deal with the shame of his sister smoking the wacky tobacco and hanging out with "dope-fiends".
 More interesting than the actual film is the story behind it. It seems Miss Leeds was arrested for smoking pot in 1948 along with Robert Mitchum and due to this gained some dubious notoriety which resulted in her doing time and ending up in this exploitation quickie which also ended up being her last film. This is pretty unfortunate since she seems like she coulda been great being the low-budget version B-movie of Marilyn Monroe but alas this was not to be but we will always this slice of silliness to remember Hollywood's hypocritical double-standard towards women at the time.

Original title:

Looks like this played with legendary exploitation producer/distributor Kroger Babb's MOM AND DAD:

and for the nice price of 65 cents you could hear Lila tell her own sordid story on stage!: 

Saturday, March 21, 2015


 On a purely visual level this is one of the most amazing films ever made. It's a documentary of sorts explaining medieval beliefs towards witches, demons. Satanism and that sort of stuff. The director(Benjamin Christensen) appears as a very spooky-ass Devil and old ugly women cast crazy spells and kiss him on his demonic ass. This is also the most expensive DVD I ever purchased so I would have to say I'm a pretty big fan. It also might be the classiest of art films to appear on this entire blog.
 Since this was made in 1922 it was obviously originally a silent film but in 1968 there was narration by William S. Burroughs added(this version also has a shorter run time since there are less inter-titles) and this is the version I've re-watched many times over the years. A pretty cool jazzy score was also added to this version replacing a more classical score and I thin that it works really well with the strange visuals. I've seen this one a couple of those films to see before you die list and it's hard to argue with that if you're any sort of cinemaphile. AKA HAXAN, THE WITCHES, THE WITCH and HAXAN: WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES

In English:

Original recipe:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


 The iconic Bettie Page dances around and introduces some other burlesque dancers. The large breasted Tempest Storm is the most famous of these ladies. In between this some really bad jokes are told. Joe E. Ross from CAR 54 WHERE ARE YOU? is one of the horrible comedians who pops up. Whenever I see these old pre-porn risque-type films I imagine that jerking off musta been much easier back in the old days if this is what people got off to. What's on display here isn't even any actual nudity but the most innocent of teasing and jiggling. This level of explicitness you could see on TV now and not even think twice about it but it does give a glimpse back in time to a very different mindset and works as a goofy novelty and is thankfully only a little over an hour long. Good for weirdos into kitschiness but not so good if you're a horny pervert looking for something sleazy.

"A daring riot of color, music and laughs!":

Sunday, March 15, 2015


 This movie has got to be the peak of 60's teenagers vs. monsters on the loose films for me. You get a surf-rock band(The Del-Aires) doing tunes like "Zombie Stomp", quite a bit of blood spilled for a film from 1964, a stereotypical black maid who seems like she stepped right out of the 40's, overacting drunks, horrible jokes, girls at slumber parties, bikers and most importantly a bunch of rampaging beasts on the loose seeking human blood. Now these monsters are quite a sight to see, they're described as zombies(original working title= INVASION OF THE ZOMBIES) throughout but are really more like CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON-rip-offs with what looks like a pack of hot-dogs stuck in their mouths which must make it difficult to suck blood but somehow they manage. A Mystery Science Theater 3000 favorite that you can actually watch without those silly robots. Good times!

There was a sort-off comic picture-book put out for this flick which looks awesome!:

Director Del Tenney(whose name also sounds like it should be a surf band) shot THE CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE at the same time as this but unfortunately it's not nearly as fun and energetic as PARTY BEACH. They both played together often:

The Del-Aires song Zombie Stomp was eventually released in 2012 on a single(about time): 

Monster surf-rock meets punk-rock!:

Meanwhile in Mexico it was Bikini Beach: