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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


 Whereas the 1970's were the high-point for horror films the 1980's really were the high-point for stupid teen sex comedies.  It really only seems natural since most of the horror films were just comedies in disguise anyway that this would be the era to go to for cheap laughs and naked boobs.  There were 70's T & A flicks but they didn't perfect the simplistic formula until movies like PORKY'S and guys like the writer of this, Jim Wynorski, started churning them out.  Watching this Canadian filmed movie today it feels like it was made on a different planet.  It's so cheaply done and also riddled with insensitive sexist jokes that no one would ever give this a major release today looking like this.  It's also brilliantly done in giving the viewer exactly what you want from a movie like this.  Why this film is set in the 60's I'm not sure since that never really seems to fit the look or feel of anything going on.  Our gang of heroes cover all of your expected stereotypes including a preppy, a nerd(if you ever wondered what the lead singer of THE TOY DOLLS would look like with his cock stuck in a bowling ball here's your chance to find out), the new kid, the jock and a fat guy named Jerkovski(who naturally can't help jerking-off everywhere).  You also get a big-boobed stripper scene, a girl who deep-throats sausages for fun, teddy-bear humping, strip-bowling and characters named Purity Busch and Bootsie Goodhead and it all takes place at T & A High.  What more could you want from a dumb teen flick?
 Director Rafal Zielinski went on to make LOOSE SCREWS(a.k.a. SCREWBALLS II) and SCREWBALL HOTEL because apparently back in the 80's you could make a living spitting out really dumb flicks.


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