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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Monday, July 23, 2012


 This French Jean Rollin horror flick starts off with two lady clowns and some dude escaping from what I'm guessing is the law.  The whole thing starts right out in the middle of the action without giving you any back-story and from there it unexpectedly becomes a vampire movie when the two young women(their friend was shot and killed) end up at an old dungeon in the middle of nowhere.  There's whipping, bondage, blood drinking(of course), lesbian antics and plenty of female nudity to ogle and the main vampire fellow sorta reminds me of Udo Kier from BLOOD FOR DRACULA because they both seem kind of pathetic and feeble.  It's wrapped up in a non-ending of an ending.
 As with most of these Rollin-directed films the creepy atmosphere is the main draw even above the story.  He's made better vamp movies including TWO ORPHAN VAMPIRES but this one is similar enough and recommended for hardcore Eurotrash aficionados.
 The VHS tape I have of this calls it CAGED VIRGINS on the box but the film has the DUNGEON  screen-card.  There are a whole slew of other aliases including VIRGINS AND VAMPIRES and DUNGEON OF TERROR but I think the most common one is REQUIEM FOR A VAMPIRE.


  1. Its funny because literally minutes before reading your review on this movie. The trailer for Caged Virgins popped on at the end of a movie I was watching. These girls look like little kids. Seems very pervy.

  2. Yeah, well they are supposed to be virgins so that makes sense.

    CAGED VIRGINS makes this sound like some kinda women-in-prison movie which this isn't at all.

  3. Yeah I got that from the trailer too but its all in some spooky castle. At least there are cages and whips