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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


"The world is full of puke and shit, and now a horde of tin-masked assholes are puking in our faces, full of shit."

 The first two VIOLENT SHIT movies were basic straight ahead extremely gory slasher movies made in Germany on what look like very tiny budgets. In this one, which is the highlight of the trilogy for me, we get an action movie shoe-horned in along with the uber-gore. None of these 3 entertainingly dumb movies are related plot-wise except that they all feature a killer named Karl, played by director Andreas Schnaas, who wears a cheap-shit homemade metal mask and loves tearing people apart. In this one he's Karl Jr., which makes me think of that fast-food burger place, and he brings his dad along for some bloody good times. Somehow here Karl and son have started a militia full of maniacs and murderers on an island where they spend their time ripping out people's guts and tearing faces off traitors. It's all fun and games until some shipwrecked knuckleheads show up and then some kung fu fighters join up with them and then the shit is on! As you can probably tell if you've seen any of these movies the story is a jumbled mess that's all over the place but that's part of the chaotic fun of this film. On the action side you get ninjas, zombies, a half-robot man, a killer action-figure, and use of just about every weapon known to man including the incredible flying-guillotine. On the violence side you get a zombie-building mad scientist with a Hitler moustache, tons of decapitations, fingers, legs and just about every body part you can think of hacked off, boob biting, a guy gets his spinal column ripped out of his asshole with a hook and on and on. As an added bonus this film may have the most absurd dubbing and/or subtitling(depending on which version you watch) of anything ever with insults like "donkey fucking whores" and "fucktard" thrown about liberally.
 Seeing this movie in a theater full of drunken loudmouths last night was probably the best way to view such a masterpiece of Eurotrash splatter cinema. AKA ZOMBIE DOOM

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