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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

WAKE IT UP, KILL IT 4 (1994)

 The DVD that I have of this says it's called SPIRITED KILLER but the actual onscreen title is WAKE IT UP, KILL IT 4 (or at least that's the best translation I can figure out since it's all in Thai. It could also be WAKE IT UP TO KILL for all I know) which means this is the 4th part of a series of Thai movies that I'm gonna guess deal with zombies or ghosts of some sort that have to be killed. Not that any of that matters because the plot is pretty simple and has to do with an evil wizard/priest/magician? who kills some folks and then is chopped up with machetes by some angry villagers and then returns along with a very TERMINATOR-like ally to wreak his vengeance. I think this "monster" is also some sorta zombie but maybe his origin is  explained in the earlier films. There's one terrible musical interlude that reminds me of every Bollywood flick that is the low-point and the high-point is whenever two ridiculous badly-dubbed stoner types have any dialogue. The whole thing basically plays out like a slasher movie mixed with a kung-fu film and ultimately it's all pretty unremarkable.
 The only reason this received a DVD release here in the U.S. at all is because Tony Jaa is in it(but only briefly) and he has been touted as the new Bruce Lee for a while now though I'm not sure he has the personality or presence of Mr. Lee in his prime.

 The 3 films that precede this are:
1989 - WAKE IT UP, KILL IT 2

 There are two more supposed sequels in this series(though I have no idea if these are the actual original titles or even actual sequels of any kind):
1997 - SPIRITED KILLER 2: AWAKENED ZOMBIE BATTLES(doing further research it looks like this actually was released in 1991 which would make it obviously not a real sequel but possibly a prequel?)
1998 - SPIRITED KILLER 3: GHOST WARS(looks like this is from 1991 also and originally titled SONG KRAM PHEE)

Fabulous dubbing!!:

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