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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


 This is the worst Larry Cohen-directed movie I've seen. Written and directed by the man who has always entertained me in the past with his killer baby movies, blaxploitation gems and Q, THE WINGED SERPENT. I guess even he wasn't capable of making a very good film once the dreaded 1990s came along. There are some weird elements in this including star Eric Roberts and his very 90s mullet, his sidekick played by a 70-year-old Red Buttons(who kicks ass using a bedpan in one delightful scene), James Earl Jones as a police captain who's afraid of comic books and Robert's boss played by Marvel Comics Stan Lee in what might be one of the biggest roles I've ever seen him in. The movie itself is a mix between horror/thriller, action and some stupid comedy thrown in. It mostly fails at being a good example of any of those things. Everyone Roberts meets is a complete asshole to him which sorta makes sense since his character is no prize himself and his sole motivation throughout the movie seems to be to screw a girl that he just met(and harassed) and has become instantly infatuated with. Stick with Cohen's earlier stuff for a better time.

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