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A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!

A mad journey into the mind of the depraved!
Recommended for devolved primates only!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


 From what admittedly little bit I've seen of Turkish-cinema it seems to consist of rip-off movies of big American blockbusters like RAMBO and THE EXORCIST and movies where they take actual footage from Hollywood hits like STAR WARS and STAR TREK and just splice it into their own movies.  They also all seem to be edited by a madman with a meat-cleaver.  This here is the oldest example of trash cinema from Turkey I've viewed so you get pieces of the film, and the whole finale which is recreated using still-pictures!, missing due to deterioration over the years which just adds to the madness.
 This is actually a sequel to KILINK IN INSTANBUL which I've never seen but the filmmakers were nice enough to give me a rapid-fire recap which make up the first 20 minutes of the playing time.  It's quite a jolting introduction to the world of our titular master criminal with shit flying at you at breakneck speed until you start to feel a little dizzy from it all.  It finally settles into the origin story of comic-book hero Shazam(who dresses a lot more like Superman for some reason and is called Shajam and more frequently The Flying Man) and then switches back to more bad-guy hi-jinks with the skeleton-suited badguy.  It all culminates in a big battle between these two opposing forces atop a tower which we only get to see pictures from as a narrator tells us what happens.  It looks to me like ol' skull-face gets killed but apparently he brushes that off and returns for KILINK STRIP AND KILL which sounds very sexy.  It's very strange that they produced a whole series of flicks about an evil villain, I can't think of anything equivalent in American films,  but I guess the guy was popular enough for it.  I can see why because he is, in fact, a very suave motherfucker who gets the ladies and doesn't even bother taking off his mask to make out with them.  He also enjoys torturing and killing folks when he's not trying to take over the world.  This whole thing is very mind-melting but in a good way and I need to check out the rest of this series to broaden my view of world history.
  While Kilink seems to me to be at least a somewhat original character since this is Turkey we're talking about even he was ripped-off from a series of  Italian adults only  photo-books where he was called Killing and which I guess appealed to perverts who wanted to see scantily-clad women tortured by a creep in a Halloween-costume.  This character was also ripped-off from another Italian skull-faced comic-book villain named Kriminal who also had a couple of films made  about him and one of them was by the great Umberto Lenzi which looks worth seeing.

The super edited-down version!!:


  1. Well he does have a cooler mask. Does Santo show up in the sequel?